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Motifs of Joy is a new British headwear brand which encapsulates the eccentricity of British fashion today, and throughout the 20th century. Our customer (the trend driven un inhibited and experimental fashionista), can purchase bespoke and ready to wear pieces, which range from beautiful exotic turbans to giant bows or hand printed silk scarves.

Each season M.O.J produces a collection of exquisite conversational prints which feature throughout each piece. This season A/W 2012 the prints are inspired by the surrealist art movement, and the art photography fashion and film which made this such an inspirational era. This seasons muses are Little Eddie, Isabella blow and Anna Piaggi. M.O.J will always have a little nod to nostalgia and vintage classics, but we also strive to create new contemporary shapes, textiles and prints, bringing these special accessories to the fore front of future style statements.

The essence of the brand is “deeply indulgent, frivolous and fun”. When one wears a M.O.J headpiece they are making a fashion statement rather than dressing for a purpose. In a world of fast fashion and technology, wearing M.O.J takes you back to a time when glamour was paramount . Print and fabric is what makes these pieces individual, prints range from humorous minuscule motifs, to large abstract story telling. Colour this season is contradictory yet subtle- moving away from the “costume” stereotype of hats . M.O.J uses the finest hand dyed duchess silks, taffetas and chiffons. Each piece is made up of a made up of a number of these fabrics and prints to create a visually exciting experience, each fold and curve may reveal another story or surprise.

Products are sold in a range of beautiful keep sake boxes, with hand printed paper and cotton twill branded dust bags. Giving the customer the finishing joyous touch to their purchase...Only to be worn with a certain touch of joie de vie !